Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

With almost 50 years’ experience in this industry, we are able to support every aspect of your Customs Clearance needs

Orient Logistics is a licensed customs broker in Jordan with offices in all major entry points. Orient Logistics is ranked among the top customs brokers in Jordan with almost 50 years’ experience in customs clearing all types of cargoes under all types of customs clearance procedures.

Customs clearance is a demanding and ever-changing landscape of rules, regulations, and paperwork requirements. Let our experts manage all your customs clearance needs, saving you time and unnecessary demurrages, and ensuring swift deliveries of your cargo.

We prepare the required documentation, provide duties and taxes calculations on behalf of the importer, supervise official inspections required by governmental agencies, and arrange for deliveries to the receivers’ warehouses.

Our customs brokers have expertise in local conditions, regulatory requirements, tariff updates, and more. With this knowledge, we can process your custom clearances with accuracy and efficiency.


Our service offerings include:

  • Pre-clearance
  • Import, Export and Transit Customs Clearance Services declarations
  • Temporary importation and re-export
  • Customs exemption declarations and permits
  • Jordan Investment Commission exemption and record maintenance
  • Issue Standard Operating Procedures on Customs Clearance for special projects
  • Customs regulations updates and circulars
  • Follow up with all governmental bodies to complete clearance procedures
  • Record Keeping / Archiving of documents for easy retrieval when needed.


Customs care and compliance

At Orient Logistics, we understand the importance of properly handled customs formalities and compliance with all laws and regulations governing the importation and exportation of goods. Our comprehensive local customs compliance policy ensures that your customs documentation is accurate and compliant.

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